Football Manager Handheld till Android visar varför spelutvecklare föredrar iOS

Thord D. Hedengren

Från en intervju med Sega-ägda Sports Interactives Miles Jacobson hos

Football Manager Handheld’s proved a hit on iPhone, but suffered from massive piracy rates on Android smartphones, now “ranging between nine to one and 11 to one” stolen copies for every version of the £6.99 game. It’s so bad, Jacobson says, that they’re having to play it year by year on whether to stick with the platform.

“We set a sales target at the beginning of the project that if we hit we would do another version. Thankfully we have hit that, so we will be doing Football Manager 13 on Android, but it’s quite sad when a business actually has to take piracy into account…we will be making the call year to year.”

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