iPhone 5 och spelen

Thord D. Hedengren

Jag skrev en post om varför den höga skärmen på iPhone 5 delvis finns på grund av spelen, på TDH.me. Varning för engelska!

One of the major problems with gaming on the iPhone has been that the controls has to be small, otherwise you’ll end up covering most of the screen with your thumbs. A slightly wider screen will make more room for your thumbs when needed, but more importantly you’ll have more screen area that is not covered by your fingers. This should help make the games easier to play. Compare the iPhone to the iPad if you will, and see how much easier games are played on the latter. It is not a fair comparison, and the iPhone 5 won’t be on par with the iPad when it comes to room for onscreen controls, but it proves the point.

Läs hela posten på TDH.me.


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