”Utvecklare tjänar mer på PS Vita än på mobil”


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psvitaI en artikel om PS Vitans återkomst på Polygon, säger Sonys Shahid Ahmad att utvecklare tjänar mer pengar på att utveckla till PS Vita än de mobila formaten, som iOS och Android.

More developers make more money on average on Vita than they do on mobile. When people buy a Vita, they want to purchase games. I tell developers, if you’re trying to build a business, then building your game and bringing it to Vita is a great investment. If you want to play the lottery, then putting a game on iOS is more like that. You’re scratching that and hoping you get discovered, hoping that a lot of people talk about you. Whereas Vita, every week when there’s content coming out, people buzz about it and it spreads like wildfire, because everyone’s firing that console up every day to look at the content and talk about it.

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