”Vad är det för sorts hund?”

Thord D. Hedengren

Microsofts Phil Harrison pratar med Wired om Xbox One. Intervjun innehåller följande underbara meningsutbyte:

Wired: Does the device function if the Kinect is not attached?

Harrison: Kinect and Xbox One are one and the same. They are two parts of the equation. Obviously the Kinect sensor is used for Skype, for communication, for voice recognition, gesture and motion sensing and the rest.

Wired: So as an example, if your dog comes in and somehow it knocks the Kinect down and breaks it, would you still be able to use the box if there was a particular game which did not use the functions embedded into the Kinect?

Harrison: In that situation, I have no idea. [consults with assistant] What kind of dog is it?

Ja, Xbox One kräver Kinect inkopplad. Du kan med andra ord slänga ut dina slimmade TV-möbler, här behövs det utrymme serrö.


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